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Bottling set for April 19th, 2024

Dear Friends, many of you are asking when our Premium Chalice Wine will again be available. We will be bottling ~180 cases on Friday, April 19th (God willing). Assuming all goes well, those cases and bottles will be available for purchase no later than the 22nd. 

We're so glad you like the wine as much as we do! 


If you wish to have wine shipped to ALABAMA, please contact us via email:

We are currently unable to sell to customers in VERMONT and UTAH, due to state restrictions.

Ordering Online

Below you will find information on our two labels, Premium Chalice Wine and California Chalice Wine.

If you are ordering 12 or more bottles, select the case option ("12 bottles") from the drop-down menu of the type of wine you want. Ordering by the case gives you a discount on the per-bottle price; those who order by the case receive a wholesale price on the wine! A mixed case (6 bottles Premium, 6 bottles California) is also available, just below the standard ordering section.

If you have received a discount code via email, please use it during the checkout process. This is especially important for our returning long-distance customers.

Traditional Chalice Wine

The general guidelines of the Orthodox Church, as determined by the Ecumenical Councils, state that the wine must be "sweet, pleasing to the taste, red like the color of blood with no additives and not fortified." Furthermore, the fruit must have the proper blessing read over them at harvest and at crush as specified by the Priest's Service Book (Book of Needs).

The entire production process of our wine is overseen and has the blessing of Orthodox clergy so that those who use our wine in the Divine Liturgy can be confident they are using wine of the highest quality made to the specifications of the Ecumenical Councils.

2021 Premium Chalice Wine

Hand-crafted in the traditional Kagor style from sustainably farmed 100% Malbec grapes, this wine is wonderfully rich and complex, retaining its flavor and depth even when mixed with hot water in the Divine Liturgy.

The 2021 Premium Chalice Wine is a testiment of the indomitable spirit of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys following the devestating fires of 2020. The small but rich 2021 harvest produced fruit of wonderful intensity, which has become a wine with magnificent color, and a rich bouquet of blackberry, creamy vanilla and hints of grapefruit and citrus. Subtle spice notes add complexity as the powerful, mouth-coating tannins gently massage the palate and enhance the drinking experience with its marvelous texture. The dark fruit qualities abound in this wine, but understated cedar, vanilla and clove on the finish bring nuance and intrigue to a uniquely powerful offering of concentrated Malbec from the hills of Sonoma Valley.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Acid: 6.6 g/L

pH: 3.63

Production: 150 cases

Premium Chalice Wine

2021 California Chalice Wine

A rich chalice wine made from locally sourced grapes and crafted using traditional methods, our California Chalice Wine offers the palate complex flavors and velety texture. Perfectly balanced with bold structure and lip-smacking acidity, this wine can be enjoyed on its own, yet maintains flavor and intensity when mixed with hot water for the Divine Liturgy.

The 2021 California vintage features 100% Petite Sirah grapes, which provide a rich inky color, bold tannins, and robust flavors. Sugar levels are similar to that of the Premium Malbec, but the tannins of the Petite Sirah make this wine "brighter" offering.

Alcohol: 13.1%

Acid: 6.4 g/L

pH: 3.72

Production: 720 cases

California Chalice Wine

Mixed Case
Mixed Case

"Your wine is a real blessing as I mix it with the Pinot Noir for a perfect blend at dinner. It’s one of the simple treats in the midst of these times of God’s refining. I’m grateful for your labor of love and will spread the word on your wonderful wine. I’m sure a blessing has been prayed over each bottle sent to your customers.
Thank You for being part of bringing some joy in a time of great stress and heaviness of hearts."
-Pastor C., 2020

"Thank you so much.  I made payment just now. I need to say that your customer service is excellent.  And your wine is, somehow, even better!  We had a trapeza for about 100 people yesterday and we received many, many compliments on your wine."

-Tikhon, 2020

"I don't use anything else."

- Fr. Lawrence, St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral, 2019

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