Bottling set for April 19th, 2024

Dear Friends, many of you are asking when our Premium Chalice Wine will again be available. We will be bottling ~180 cases on Friday, April 19th (God willing). Assuming all goes well, those cases and bottles will be available for purchase no later than the 22nd. 

We're so glad you like the wine as much as we do! 

Calistoga Orthodox Wines was established in 2011 as a partnership between

St. Simeon Orthodox Church and Holy Assumption Monastery.

Both the parish and monastery are located in Calistoga, the town at the northern corner of the Napa Valley.

Believing that we should make an offering of our finest harvest in life to God,

our ministry is to bring high-quality Orthodox Christian chalice wine, made in Napa Valley, to Orthodox Churches.

Calistoga Orthodox Wines is a unique 501c3 corporation, supporting the work of Holy Assumption Monastery and St. Simeon Orthodox Church in Calistoga, CA
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