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Dear Friends,
When churches began closing in March of 2020, we didn't know what the impact would be on Calistoga Orthodox Wines, but we braced ourselves for plummeting sales and a difficult financial year. This was why we decided not to crush a 2020 vintage in October -- a vintage that would have been lost anyway, due to the local fires that burned in August and September. But thanks to your faithful support, we are finishing 2020 with wonderfully strong sales numbers! As a result, the winery has been able to financially support Holy Assumption Monastery and St. Simeon Orthodox Church this year, as it was designed to do. We are very thankful that we have been able to continue providing fine chalice wines, and look forward to another year of growth in 2021.
I used to collect wine, much of it from top Napa wineries. I can taste the high quality Malbec behind that soft dose of sweetness. Everyone is used to cloying, featureless sweetness in their Kagor. Your wine has depth — I would drink it even if it weren’t chalice wine :-). It even makes me wonder what it tastes like with chocolate, because it reminds me a bit of Banyuls in its tannic sweetness. But I’m most happy about how happy it makes everyone at trapeza!! - Tikhon, 2020
I still have a case in reserve but I did forward your email to priest friends of mine with my highest recommendations. - Fr. Sebastian, Los Gatos, CA
We have enjoyed serving your "Chalice" Malbec wine for years and would like to continue the relationship with you. -- Sommelier of Solage, Calistoga
Thank you so much for your amazing work and we are grateful to be able to support you. - Tim, Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church, NC
I want to thank you for fulfilling this necessary ministry of producing canonically approved chalice wine. I do have some experience with your product, and I really appreciated its quality. - Fr. John, St. John the Wonderworker Serbian Orthodox Church, OR
The best chalice wine produced in North America, from Orthodox monastics faithfully maintaining the quality standard set by the Russian Orthodox Church over a century ago. - Fr. Anthony, All Saints of North America Orthodox Church, MO
...Quite apart from its liturgical use, this wine is extremely pleasurable for personal use as well! - Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Diokletia
This is an authentic, artisanal Communion wine, not fortified, made by monastics in the Orthodox tradition. - Petrus non Papa, 2020
I have been taking 3-5 bottles of the monastery wine on trips to Russia ..... the priest recipients have told everyone about the wonderful gift....if only the monastery shipped to Russia! There would be many orders. - Elena, 2020

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