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Order Fulfillment Suspended

for Holy Week & Pascha

Dear Friends, we are delighted to see so many orders coming in for both the newly-bottled '22 Premium Chalice Wine and the Calfornia Chalice Wine. However, due to the intense schedule of services at the monastery for Holy Week and Pascha,

all orders received between April 26 and May 5 will be held until May 6th or 7th.

If you need wine urgently you can let us know, but we will have to assess any such requests on an individual basis.

Thank you for your understanding, and we wish all our Orthodox brethren a most beautiful Holy Week and Pascha.

Our Story

In 2009, ten sisters arrived at the newly-rennovated property of Holy Assumption Monastery (OCA) on Washington Street, in Calistoga. Only two weeks before, a priest had been newly-assigned to the tiny St. Simeon Parish (ROCOR) on Cedar Street, two blocks away. In such a small town, it only made sense for the two communities to work together, and the bishops blessed cooperation.

It also made sense to utilize the location of both communities in the Napa Valley to explore the possibility of making canonical Orthodox chalice wine. The parish and monastery thus founded a joint-venture, Calistoga Orthodox Wines, with the goals of providing parishes with a high-quality wine for use in the Divine Liturgy, and thereby also supporting both the monastery and the parish financially. With the help of a local winemaker, we crush 3-7 tons of grapes for each vintage, producing ~300 cases per harvest.

It is a privilege to be making a traditional Malbec (Kagor) chalice wine that connects parishes today with the wine beloved by Peter the Great and Tsar Nicholas II. Our Premium Chalice Wine has received the highest praise from both clergy and wine afficianados, while our California Chalice Wine is appreciated as an extremely affordable yet robust alternative.

Only a Malbec Wine is a True Kagor

Calistoga Orthodox Wines

1421 Cedar St. Calistoga, CA 94515